Down With the Ship

Tom Leveille

About Tom Leveille

Tom Leveille is a 29-year-old non binary spoken word artist hailing from Newport News, Virginia - born and raised. Leveille studied at Old Dominion University but did not throw a hat into the poetry scene until very recently.

They discovered the world of poetry and spoken word through Twitter. Tom owns and operates the legendary @avxlanche account, which since August 2014 has exploded to over 55,000 followers and growing. They are also active in the community as a staunch member of Slam Richmond leading writing workshops, and cohosting the weekly slam/open mic.

A Richmond slam champion, a writers den slam champion, College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational 2015 Sacrificial Poet, Southern Fried 2016 competitor, and Texas Grand Slam 2016 competitor Tom has, in addition to this collection, published a chapbook through Impossible Wings Press entitled "the year no one said hallelujah.” Their work has been featured in various places including,, and the pulp zine.

Recently branching out as a touring poet, Leveille is slated to perform at over a dozen colleges & slams across the Atlantic seaboard in the spring of 2016, with another tour spanning the entirety of the south: from Virginia to Arizona and back.

Online Videos of Tom's work may be viewed at the following links:

Praise for Tom Leveille:

“The stark dusk of memory. The deepest tones of our most subtle moments. An eerie, inexplicable wisdom from a voice in the dark. One that knows what keeps you strong and can lead you there. Tom Leveille is a whirling ghost that sings in the language of a heart you didn’t know you had. This poetry is the answer to a question you just discovered in your palms.”

- jamie j. mortara, author of some planet


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